About Us

We are the Immaculate Conception Parish School of Clarion, PA. We've been educating children, body, mind, and soul since our first school was founded in 1860. Presently our school encompasses a preschool for four year olds and kindergarten through sixth grade.

All denominations are welcome at Immaculate Conception.  To enter preschool, your child must have reached four (4) years of age by August 1st; five (50 years of age to enter kindergarten.

State law requires that children have up-to-date immunization records before being admitted to school.  Kindly bring your child's immunization record, baptismal record (if not baptized at Immaculate Conception), and a copy of his or her birth certification when registering.

We believe in educating by focusing on the spiritual, intellectual, social, and physical development of each child.

We believe in teaching Catholic beliefs and values so that each child is a dynamic, understanding, and contributing individual to the overall success of society.

We believe in encouraging the diversity of our student body and instruction techniques to enhance the learning environment with an emphasis on accelerated curriculum.

We believe in fostering a spirit of cooperation and commitment among students, parents, teachers, the Immaculate Conception parish, and the Christian Community.

We believe in advocating the achievements of our students and alumni.

We believe in the viability and value of Catholic Education.