Parent Testimonials

      My son started at Immaculate Conception’s Pre-K.  I choose IC for the faith based education he would receive along with smaller class sizes that give the teachers more opportunity to work one on one with the students.  I also value the fact that hold the students accountable and teach self-discipline and responsibility.

     A few years later I felt and the teachers agreed that my son was struggling too much for as smart as he is.  The school diagnosed his learning disability and implemented changes in his classroom to accommodate his Auditory Processing Disorder.

     The Auditory Department at Clarion University are working with my son now.  When they were evaluating him they asked what the school was doing to accommodate him.  When I told them everything that the school was doing for him the head of the Auditory Department stated that he was in the Best School in Clarion County he can be in for his disorder!

     In more ways than one I believe he is in the Best School in Clarion County he can be in!!

~ Nancy Daugherty


At the Immaculate Conception School the faculty and staff work with each child to determine specific needs and identify their strengths.  The small class sizes and Christian based environment have provided an atmosphere where our children have thrived and grown in both academics and in their spirituality.  This school has been such a blessing and we are thankful to have local options for our children’s education. 

~Kari Morris


IC is a school filled with kindness, compassion, truth and love.  IC’s dedication, experience and carefully made recommendations have helped our children navigate through the most crucial years of their development.  You can rely on the staff and teachers to help you make the best choices for your child’s emotional, development and academic education.  I strongly encourage any family regardless of race, religion or economic situation to consider IC.  They will work with any family to help give your child a great start in life. 

~Heidi Beck


We chose IC Preschool for our middle child.  Our oldest was in public school and we were curious to see the differences between the two schools.  What we saw was stunning....Committed Parents active in their child’s education. We saw what a close and caring environment IC provided for the students.  IC was more than a school it was a family. We also saw that the older students acted, very mature and caring towards others.  We knew this environment was what we were looking for, the school definitely focused on the children's safety and education.  Our child loved it so much and so did we.  Now both of our children go to IC and are doing well academically. They feel comfortable in the school environment and they are excited to go to school!  Thanks IC School.  

~  Courtney Hummel


We were so pleased to be welcomed into the IC preschool family.  The school staff was very helpful and eager to answer questions while we learned to navigate the school system.  The teaching team does a wonderful job engaging the minds of the children while preparing them for Kindergarten.  We especially like the life lessons on how to be a good, caring and empathetic person.  Our children have an excellent foundation to be able to build a successful life. 

~Deanna Miller