Tuition Assistance

The Children's Scholarship Fund of Pennsylvania
may be able to provide tuition assistance to your family.

For more information and application forms, go to


Family Responsibilities:

  1. Submit a completed, signed application with all the required documents and fee to CSF of PA by the deadline.
  2. Provide school with proof of application to CSF of PA when required.

The Children's Scholarship Fund of Pennsylvania sends each family a postcard / email after they have successfully completed the application process.

Important Information to Remember

  • a family that has not completed the application process in full by the deadline set by CSF of PA will not be eligible to receive a scholarship for the current year
  • a family whose check has been returned to CSF of PA for NSF will be responsible for all bank fees and application fees before having their application for scholarship processed
  • a family can ONLY apply for the portion of tuition for which they are responsible in the current school year; at no time may a family request scholarship money for past-due tuition amounts
  • a family must subtract any other grant, aid, or scholarship monies they receive from the total amount of tuition for their child
  • a family should request tuition information from the school in order to provide the correct amount of scholarship dollars being requested