Alumni Testimonials

After spending most of my life going to Immaculate Conception, I didn't really know what to expect my first year at Keystone High School.  From the moment I stepped on the bus, I knew things were going to be different.  Honestly, it was a bit of a culture shock, but when went to homeroom, I met kids my age and met someone who has become a very good friend.  Most of my classes were a breeze, so I wasn't really concerned academically.  Both of my years at Keystone so far, I have gotten straight A's.  In seventh grade, I was in marching band, which was a good experience, but I decided not to do it in eighth grade.  Also, both years at Keystone I have participated in band, choir, and musicals.  Outside of school, I also take several dance classes and a theater class.  Currently, I have a few close friends, and another group of really fun girls that I spend most of my time with.  I believe I.C. gave me a path on which to follow.  They showed me true friends my whole time there, which taught me to look for the right people, and stick to the right morals because that is what is important. 

 Leia Bauer  Grade 8, Keystone HS.  2018


What I liked about IC was the small classes. I also liked the involvement between the students and their teachers. As an eighth grade student at Clarion Area, I am participating in Youth Council, Robotics, Choir, Science Olympiad and French. I also played Volleyball. The transition from IC to Clarion Area was easier than I thought. I also feel more knowledgeable in application in seventh grade. I was on the honor roll and the principal list during my seventh and eighth grade years. I feel that my IC teachers prepared me for high school and gave me confidence to explore and succeed.

 ~ Natalie Cussins , 8th grade Clarion 2018


What I liked about IC was the one on one time between the teachers and students. I also like the longer classes we had at IC. As a tenth grader I am in Choir, Art, Art History Club and Spanish for my third year. I am also on the Cross Country team in the fall. The transition for me from IC to Clarion Area was a good transition. I was the only one from IC to go to Clarion but that was okay for me because I made friends. When I was in seventh grade I got to teach the kids in my history class what a Prezi was, which I thought was cool. I was also in Student Council during my 7th, 8th and 9th grade years. So far I have participated in two musicals at Clarion. I feel that IC prepared me for high school and pushed me to do the best the I could do. 

 ~ Alex Cussins, 10th grade Clarion Area 2018


I attended Immaculate Conception School from Preschool to 8th grade, upon which I then attended Clarion Limestone High School.

The education offered at Immaculate Conception was, and is, superb that by the time I went to high school, I was prepared and was academically ahead.  The morals and values that I learned at home were again instilled every day in my classes at IC.  By the time that I began high school, I felt confident that I was my own person and was not afraid to stand up for what was right and to make my own decisions.  The transition was easy, my peers were accepting, and I was able to succeed in all of my classes.

By attending Immaculate Conception School through eighth grade, I was able to build a solid foundation of appropriate study habits, a strong moral character, and overall self- confidence.  These attributes helped me thrive in high school where I graduated at the top in my class, as do many others who have also attended Immaculate Conception School.

The benefits of attending Immaculate Conception School far outweigh any social or transitional concerns.  I may only be able to speak for Clarion Limestone High School, but I could not have asked for a better group of fellow peers to be accepted into.

 ~ Emily Baker, Current CUP student 2018


Why join the Immaculate Conception School family?  We have a good and happy environment and the education is wonderful.

It is a good environment because on announcements each day, we are reminded that our school is bully free and we should take pride in that and we do!  Also, we don’t get any bomb threats and never had a school shooting.  We don’t live in fear because of our environment.  We have kind teachers here that get you excited for school and eager to learn.  Lastly the students are kind too.  Sixth graders interact with preschoolers.  Fifth graders have conversations with first graders independently just because they like playing, talking or just being around them.  This religious based environment helps us grown and live in God’s love here at IC. 

The wonderful education is another reason to come to IC.  We do fun projects like making thermometers, posters in science, social studies, math and English.  We watch videos, songs and mini movies about our topic that we are learning about.  These are ways to help memorize and learn more about our subject we are working on.  When the teachers do this, it makes learning really fun.  My class would get really excited because of this! 

You should send your child to IC because it has a good education and good teachers, students, families and staff members.  IC is a good environment and a Catholic based education.  These are all great reasons to come and expand your mind here at Immaculate Conception! 

 ~Olivia Miller,  recent graduate of Immaculate Conception School 2018